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Band Room Nation continues to build a legacy by becoming the premier outlet for honoring achievements in performing arts and continuing to support the fine arts community.


The focus of the Band Room Nation Achievement Awards (BRONAA) is to recognize the hard work and dedication of individuals and music programs within the music education community.


Band Room Nation’s most prestigious award, the BRONAA, will be presented annually by Band Room Nation. A BRONAA award is awarded by Academy of Fine Arts voting membership to honor excellence in the fine arts education community. The annual BRONAA Awards presentation brings together various creative professionals in the fine arts community.


Through acknowledging various achievements throughout the music education community, our goal is to positively impact the lives of students, educators, the community and our society at large. 



  • Symphonic Band Performance of the Year: (Program)

  • Marching Band Performance of the Year (Program)

  • Jazz Band Performance of the Year (Program)

  • Auxiliary Performance of the Year (Program)

  • Arranger of the Year: (Adult)

  • Arrangement of the Year (Program)

  • Overall Band Program of the Year (Program)

  • Marching Band Program of the Year (Program)

  • Lifetime Achievement (Adult)

  • John Phillip Sousa Band Leadership Award (Student)

  • Student Musician of the Year (Student)

  • Community Service (Student)

  • Director of the Year (Adult)

  • Drill Concept (Adult)

  • Auxiliary Coordinator of the Year (Adult)


The Academy of Fine Arts

The Academy of Fine Arts is quite possibly the most important entity of The BRONAA Awards. The BRONAA Awards are the only peer-presented award to honor artistic achievement, creativity and overall excellence in the fine arts within the school system. As we move ahead in an ever-changing music education environment, The BRONAA Voter's Guild looks forward to the new opportunities of a growing organization. The Academy of Fine Arts' goals are simple, but represent the heart and soul of the organization's efforts: to positively impact the lives of student musicians, music educators and our society at large.



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