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Our History

Musical Youth Of America

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Musical Youth Of America

Musical Youth of America is a national nonprofit 501c3 organization and initiative located in Atlanta, GA. Our mission is to enlighten and inspire inner city youth to become involved in music, promote the arts, instruct and train children in music, and serve the needs of the community.


Our objectives are met through the development of the following programs:


Band Room Nation

Band Room Nation is our organization that supports high school music programs across America. We do this by keeping students engaged in activities year round providing ways for them to hone their skills, prepare for college and in some cases provide scholarships for college.


Musical Youth Of America Workshop

Designed to enlighten, and inspire inner city elementary and middle school children to become involved in music.


Instrument Loan Program

Provide instruments for children of low income families.


Musical Youth Of America Scholarship

Provide financial support for music instruction for children of low income families.


Concerts For Senior Citizens

Scholarship recipients perform at assisted living facilities.

Music Education: Why Is It Important?

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