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Band Room Nation is a 501c3, nonprofit, music advocacy organization whose purpose is to support and promote high school music programs across America. Band Room Nation currently hosts 6 events, 3 ensembles and a number of initiatives aimed to foster an appreciation for fine arts in the community, Now is your opportunity to gain internship experience with the most exciting music advocacy organization in the Atlanta area, while also earning community service credit necessary to satisfy graduation requirements.  Band Room Nation offers high school students an opportunity to gain useful training in programming, organizational administration, nonprofit management and membership development as well as gain hands on access to Band Room Nation events and networks.  Band Room Nation works to accommodate high school credit requirements where appropriate.

Internship Description

  • Interns will work closely alongside the Band Room Nation Board of Directors.

  • Internship duration is for a semester (12 weeks or equivalent).

  • Interns can earn up to 8 hours a week (3 hours a week in the Board of Directors meeting, generally held on Sundays at Encore Film and Music Studio)

  • Intern will attend weekly meetings at the Encore Film and Music Studio, the Band Room Nation Headquarters and at local events, all of which are scheduled on some weekends.

  • Projects may include assistance with event management, educational programs, newsletters, membership recruitment, database management, social media management, demographics analysis, marketing/PR and administrative support

  • Interns will earn community service hours necessary to satisfy graduation requirements.

Internship Requirements

  • Currently enrolled in high school. 

  • A member of your high school fine arts program.

  • Recommendation from your fine arts program instructor.

  • Display an interest in fine arts and a desire to further the cause of fine arts advocacy.

  • Possess strong verbal, written and analytical skills.

  • Exhibit proficient computer skills.

  • Be a junior or senior in high school.



Band Room Nation Internship Program

3938 Shirley Dr. 

Atlanta. Ga. 30336


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