The Band Room Nation team produces top notch showcases that are rivaled by no other organization of its kind. We aim to create comprehensive experiences that foster a deep appreciation for the arts. In this our hope is to create life long advocates of the arts.  

Band Room Nation showcases include:

Vanguard Invitational Showcase

Band Room Nation's premier NON-competition festival and marching band showcase featuring some of the hardest working and talented young people dedicated to the marching band experience. 

Cadence Percussion Challenge

CADENCE Percussion Challenge is Band Room Nation's indoor percussion competition where Drumline's from across the United States faceoff in an exhiliarating, heart pounding competition for $1000 Grand Prize!.

Southeastern Regional Danceline  Preliminaries

SRDC is a high energy adjudicated competition that provides an opportunity for the community to foster an appreciation for the art of dance. This is the preliminary event leading up to the main Southeastern Regional Danceline Championship.

Southeastern Regional Danceline Championship

Southeastern Regional Danceline Championship is the nation’s premier organization producing indoor danceline competitions. In conjunction with our non-profit youth organization, Musical Youth of America, BRN’s Southeastern Regional Danceline Championship will serve as the leading governing body of indoor danceline activities for the spring semesters. It is our goal to bring music to life through performance in a competitive format.

Ultimate Band Clash

Two Marching Bands + One Field = Intense excitement and entertainment!!! Ultimate Band Clash is a turn based event where bands show off their musicality, creativity and dancing skills face to face. This is our end of the school year event. UBC does two things for students, it gives senior students a chance to have their last hoorah before moving on to the next phase of their lives, and it allows incoming freshmen for the next year to experience the excitement of marching band.

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