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Cadence Percussion Challenge

The drum line has always been known as the heart beat of the band and now Band Room Nation presents to you, the most exhilarating, heart pumping drum line competition in the south east.  The CADENCE Percussion Challenge pits some of the south east’s most notable percussion sections against each other in what will soon be hailed as the “Superbowl” of drum line competitions. Each drum line will take the floor in exhibition and the top 2 scoring groups will then face off, for 2 rounds of high energy creative routines for a grand prize of $500.

Percussion sections of all styles (High stepping, front ensemble/pit, and battery) are welcome to compete.



Fan favorite

You can decide which drum line wins the Fan Favorite Trophy at Cadence Percussion Challenge. Simply cast your vote below for your favorite drum line. Band Room Nation will tally the votes and announce the results at Cadence Percussion Challenge 2016. Vote Now!!!

2018 Fan Favorite

Charles Drew H.S.


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